50 Laws of Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching®

Since 2010, ILEC has transformed the lives of nearly one million CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives and impacted the success of thousands of organizations from every corner of the globe—53 countries to date. We wrote the global bestselling books on Intelligent Leadership: Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential (2013) and The Intelligent Leader: Unlocking the 7 Secrets to Leading Others and Leaving Your Legacy (2019).

We have distilled our learnings into our 50 Laws and we hope they serve to nourish your soul, make you think, touch your heart, and hopefully incite you to take positive action in your business and your life. We encourage you to read and reflect on them, internalize their meaning for you, and if they resonate, share them with anyone you think would benefit from reading them. Our sincere hope is that these quotes serve to ignite your inner core, grow your leadership, enrich your life and the lives of others, and help you to create and leave a lasting legacy.

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