ILEC Purpose, Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Purpose Statement

Through our executive coaching offerings, leadership retreats, workshops and online leadership academy, culture assessment and transformation projects, we are committed to helping leaders, future leaders, and organizations become their best. We strive to touch the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone we live with and work with through authentic and selfless thinking and action. It is in this foundation we embrace, live, role model, and teach the Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Code: (1) Think Different & Think Big; (2) The Vulnerability Decision; (3) Leverage Gifts & Address Gaps-constantly; (4) Courageously Execute with Passion, Precision, and Pride; (5) Being Vigilant; (6) Course-Correcting; and (7) Privileged Mindset.

Vision Statement

As proud members of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchise family, we believe in becoming the absolute best version of ourselves. Our future will be the brightest when we make an authentic, heart-felt decision to think and live this way. We do this by making a non-negotiable commitment to be people of incredible character, refusing to accept mediocrity, and embracing the four pillars of personal growth – intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical. All of us must commit to holding ourselves, and each other, accountable to these pillars. Our collective strength is determined by the sum of our individual strengths.


We embrace the privileged opportunity we have chosen (and, been given) to do this noble and fulfilling work. We will, therefore, strive to help every leader in the world grow as leaders and people while also helping every organization in the world build and sustain a culture of strong leadership and talent that ensures their long-term success. It is in this altruistic spirit that we launch and grow the world’s #1 executive coaching franchise, Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC).

Our Guiding Principles:

Live Honorably

We always honor our word and commitments; We do the right thing; We treat everyone with honor, dignity and respect.

Act Selflessly

We are more concerned with the needs of others than our own; We serve expecting nothing in return; We empathize with others & consider the relationship first.

Give Our Best

We possess the highest standards of personal excellence-intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically; We finish what we start; We work hard every day to improve on yesterday’s wins.

Be Vulnerable

We are innovative and willing to challenge old ways of thinking; We respectfully receive and consider feedback from each other; We strive to become the best version of ourselves.