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Kristi Hope

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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Born in San Diego, raised primarily in Santa Barbara and Minneapolis, Kristi now calls Nashville home.  While growing up, her family moved a lot and she continued that during her corporate career – she’s had in excess of 40 addresses in her life.

Kristi is an engineer and problem solver to her core but discovered early in her career that her calling is corporate strategic positioning and relationship development.  Kristi has had a variety of roles including engineering, program management, business development, strategic initiatives, change management, and customer relations and now Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Coach; this variety has honed her skill at conflict resolution, risk mitigation, and finding silver linings.

She has worked for industry icons such as Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Textron, and Stanton Chase.  Kristi was “the first woman” many times over her career, but never let it intimidate her; instead, she feels a profound obligation to pay-forward the lessons learned based upon these experiences.  These experiences also drive Kristi’s passion for doing more than just talking about Diversity & Inclusion but actually making it a spectacular success by ensuring individuals bring the skills and both the individual and the company bring a positive attitude.

Why I Became a Coach

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At her core, Kristi is inherently a Creative/Strategic Thinker & organized problem solver.  Seeing the desired end state and the steps to make it a reality is just how her brain works.  To that end, an aspect that has always brought her joy has been identifying abilities/attributes in people that they may not have even been aware of and then providing opportunities and encouragement for them to grow to achieve beyond their dreams thus enabling them and the team to achieve great things. Being an ILEC Coach gives her the opportunity to focus on this each and every day.

Positively impact Leadership and Corporate Culture through Initiative, Collaboration and Reflection.

I was fortunate to have been selected to lead the full (D-Check and interior) refurbishment of King Hussein of Jordan’s Head of State aircraft. At the conclusion of the project, His Majesty personally bestowed upon me the Jordanian Star Medal, for my leadership.  This was, by far the greatest professional stress I was ever under, and it showed me the value of Leadership during stressful times.  In a discussion about leadership, I said to him, “I just conducted the orchestra, it was my team that made the music.”  He told me on multiple occasions that the aircraft flew better than it had when he received it off the production line.  When a King tells you that you have had a profound and positive impact on him, it’s pretty humbling…

Rescuing 5 dogs and 1 man…..

  1. Breadth of life and career experiences
  2. Inquisitiveness… asking both the easy AND the hard questions and not stopping until the underlying “why” is discovered
  3. Willingness to hold you accountable to enable you to achieve the insight and growth you desire

All ILEC Coaches are Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaches. They have achieved their distinguished certification by successfully passing 6 ILEC training programs all approved and accredited by the world’s #1 coaching governing body, the International Coach Federation (ICF). In addition, all ILEC Coaches bring significant significant leadership experience to their client engagements. ILEC Coaches have a strong and authoritative pedigree, however, they are real people who have achieved real results in their businesses and lives and, they are passionate about helping their clients achieve the same.

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