Intelligent Leadership Group Coaching Program

New 8-Week Series Starting September 29th

An Extraordinary Program

Experience the power of Intelligent Leadership by immersing yourself in an 8-Week Group Coaching Journey with two Master Certified Executive Coaches.  The Intelligent Leadership method is internationally recognized and acclaimed for producing measurable performance improvement in leaders.  A unique opportunity to learn how to think and act differently as a leader in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous) world and how you can become a role model of leadership for your organization and your team.  This 8-week series of workshops focuses on the key elements of leading others.  With a maximum of 10 participants, you’ll have opportunities to network with other leaders that are committed to being their best, and you’ll have ample time to work and interact with the coaches themselves.

In just 8 weeks, you will:

  1. Develop Your Roadmap to Leadership Success
  2. Ignite Self-Awareness of your Leadership Abilities and Strengths
  3. Experience Peer-to-Peer Learning for Maximum Growth
  4. Discover the Seven Secrets of Leading Others

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn and interact and fast-track your leadership success with two expert executive coaches, Kristi Hope and John Burt.


Your 8-Week Journey:

PreBoarding – 1-hour private coaching session

The focus of each Weekly Session is as follows:

  1. Roadmap to Leadership Success
  2. Understanding Your Leaders Traits and Strengths
  3. Vulnerability, Leadership Assessment Findings, and Reflections
  4. Your Leadership Story
  5. The Can-Do, Will-Do, Must-Do Mindset
  6. Core Purpose Statement (CPS)
  7. Creating Your Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP)
  8. Share ILDP, Key Learnings, Commitment, and Accountability

Post Workshop:  One-on-one Call with Coach to Discuss ILDP

Program Costs:

  • Early Bird through 8/31:  $1,995 per seat
  • After 8/31:  $2,495 per seat
  • Group Rates available

Limited Seating:

The IL Group Coaching Workshop Series is limited to 10 participants maximum.  This will allow effective learning and interaction between the participants and between the participants and our two coaches throughout.


IL Group Coaching Fact Sheet

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